Wikispaces Vs Weeblys, twitter and tweets.

In the past I have used youtube, facebook groups, wikispaces and google drive to support my classroom teaching. I plan to continue with these and add a few more tricks to my digital world next year.

In 2014 I am planning to add twitter to the list, as it is a great way of navigating the amazing shared resources available globally. Already after about 48 hours or so, I feel more connected globally.

I also wish to play with weebly sites, as I like the clean look and ease of them. My wikispaces tend to end up with over 200 pages, and I am not sure if that would be so easy to manage on a weebly. However, I am thinking I could use weeblys for smaller amounts of quality content. Wikispaces have the collaborative aspect available, but I have not really used that much in the past. I used Facebook groups for that. I must add that things change over time so a finger in many honey jars really helps to keep current. Twitter may well help me keep up!

A goal I have had for a long time is to get students to create their own videos and notes, and share them. I like the idea of students building up their record of learning in a shared digital form, so they can learn from each other and store their learning experiences nicely.

I hope that in 2014 students my digital year 9 students (BYOD) will each have a website of some sort (there are so many options, and I am outcome focussed), which includes a reflection diary or blog, to record their learning journey.

Here is my starting point for 2014:


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